Healing with the Heart





Seeing God as my Everything


 I have to admit that when I feel lost and overwhelmed is when I realize that things start

to make sense! Isn't there that expression that you need to loose yourself in order to

find yourself again? And in that period of not knowing where I am, it seems that I

am in God's womb, feeling everything, all sort of memories coming to me, and there I

am, just witnessing... I am no longer rushing, just because I need to rush to get things

done. Instead I am listening to my body and to all of my being. I no longer care if

someone comes to me and judge what I am doing or fear of doing something wrong,... I

am in a space of total awareness and connection to a Higher source that some call it

God, others Universe, others Galaxy, others Angels, ... Definitely is this energy of

calmness that invades my body and allow its circuitry to be clear and receive the

messages that I need to hear, coming from my everything which is GOD! And because

GOD is "All that Is" I start witnessing things within myself and outside myself  like

observing Nature and breath it in to my all identity, as belonging to All that Is as well.



The rush rush is dissipating and my mind is adjusting to the simple pace of "All that Is".

There is this Vibration of quietude and peace that allows my whole being to function in

clarity and simplycity.  Deep inside I know that whatever I may do is allright. I learn

from my mistakes and at the same time I keep away fear from paralyzing me and not

allowing me to go forward with my dreams.  


Going with the flow seems to be pretty simple and others would call it not at all

reasonable! I like to go with the flow as it gives me a sensation of fluidity like the

natural movement of the river currants that flow into big oceans. There could be many

rocks, small and big, that could be an obstacle, but I never seen the river flow stopping

at those rocks,... they go around it, right? And if there is a wall of rocks, either the force

of the water, after a while, go through them or change the course taking a diiferent


That's it! I resonate with the expression"No worries mate"! it is so obvious now that

when following my dreams, if they are really my strong desires, I can defeat anything

that comes between me and my purpose in life. The biggest giant in my life is fear and 

the possibility of failure,... then I think, what to do? Why is this force so not helping me 

and keeping me in a state of self doubt of whatever initiative I take?


We all have different answers and different actions to take and I realize that my best

way of finding Strength, Love , Trust, Confidence, Inner Happiness, Inspiration, is to be

in God's womb and rest there for as long as I need in order to be restored with His/Her

Touch, Love, Wise Words, Compassion, Understanding, Guidance and be there enjoying

the Flow of my organic fluids (oceans and rivers), my breath (wind and breeze), Inner

Light (Sun and Moon)...Yes, we are the Micro Kosmos that we may forget at times.

But one thing is certain, GOD never forgets and there are moments that He/She can

send us some reminders on how to become a part of 'ALL That IS"!