Healing with the Heart

Sacred Sound Healing







 Edgar Cayce said one day that "Sound will be the Medicine of the Future"And he

was completely right when stating such comment. We are stepping into the Age

of  Aquarius that is bringing us new spiritual and life values and a totally different way of Being

and accepting the responsibility for everything we do without being a

victim of he System. More than ever there has been a shift of Consciousness and more

Awareness regarding who we are and what our role is on this Planet in order to bring it

Balance,Harmony, Peace and Unity.


 Listening to an audio book by Greg Braden," Divine Matrix", he was talking

 about a way of bringing peace to the world that so much resonated with my Soul. Usually

 we tend to believe that only marching and manifesting ourselves by the Authorities and

using the words "Fight Against..." that we can solve all of the problems. Well, Greg

Braden gave me another perspective on how to shift my Consciousness and at the same

time to change the World. So,when being in my space meditating or along the day, stop

what I am doing for a few minutes, be fully present, and take a deep breath. Then i

simply surrender myself to Divine Spirit and the feeling of peace begins to bathe me.I

visualize spreading that peace around me, until I see the Earth wrapped in white

light and healed.


As I am doing it I am starting to change from within, which results in others change

around me, as my energy and frequency are getting higher in Consciousness. And as we

are ONE, Spiritually speaking, the Connection can be felt vibrating in everyone's hearts.

My work is basically to facilitate people on how to use their own Voice to produce Sounds

that can shift their Awareness, Individual and Planetary Consciousness, Healing and Self


So where can I fit the Sound in all of this?

 Sound is a carrier wave of Consciousness. Having studied from Jonatahn Goldman we are

given these 2 formula:





Before you start toning to your body, you take a deep breath and you set your intention

for healing. In that moment the tone will carry the energy of that intention,acting like a

sonic beam, to parts of your body that you are visualizing and need to be relaxed. Soon

you will feel a release and shift of energy . You can actually feel with your hands parts of

your muscles that become softer as you tone, as a sign of total relaxation.


We are all unique vibratory beings and very special in our own way.Everyone is a healer

and have capabilities of extending their loving and care to others. Love for me is not a

feeling but a state of being. We are all radiant beings of Love and Light and are here to

shine our light and spread love to whoever needs.

By using your own voice you can heal yourself and others. it is a way to align our bodies,

not just the physical but the mental, emotional and spiritual as well. All of your tissues,

organs, glands, nervous system are resonating with the frequency of your voice. .

Sound can bring you so many benefits and improve your health tremendously. Spiritually

it can enhance your perception and make you access to higher realms. 


Sound and Chakras

Our Energy Centers or Chakras are the portals to the Etheric. They are the primary

mediators of all energy already in the body and all energy coming into the body. They

mediate the electro magnetic impulses of our energy system. The chakras take the

energy expressions and help the body to distribute them for various physical, emotional,

mental and spiritual functions. Specific tones, rythms and vocalizations can be used to

stimulate, balance and interact with the flow of electro magnetic energies of the chakra




 Below is a Video by Jonathan Goldman toning the Sacred Vowels for the

Seven Chakras and if you need help with the pronunciation read

below as well. 







 Chakra/Vowel Sounds


Find yourself a comfortable and relaxed space where you can create these

sounds without being disturbed. Do the sounds in a gentle voice without

straining yourself.Sound each vowel at least seven times.


Root Chakra - "UH" (as in "cup") begin with the very deepest "UH" vowel sound, a very low,

guttural sound.


Sacred Chakra - "OOO" (as in "you") use a higher pitched, but still a deep "OOO" vowel sound


Solar Plexus Chakra - "OH" (as in "go") "  '    '           '      "OH" vowel sound


Heart Chakra - "AH" (as in "ma")           "   '    '          '       "AH"  vowel sound


Throat Chakra - "EYE"  ( as in "my")        "   '    '         '         "EYE" vowel sound


Third Eye Chakra - "AYE"  (as in "say")     "    "   "        "       "AYE"   vowel



Crown Chakra - "EEE"  (as in "me")         use the highest pitched "EEE" sound you can make.


After you completed this last sound, be in a space of silence and receptivity.


You don't need any formal singing or musical training in order to do these vocalizations. 


it will be a joyful, enlightening and transformative experience.


The Visualization with the color of each chakra is very important as well, to bring Balance and

Harmony to the whole. 

When this exercise is done on a daily basis, it can bring you stability,

harmony, clarity, a sense of wellness overall.


Other Sounds, like the Mantras, have an extraordinary importance like the

"OM", "AH","HU". Mantras are"words of power". Mantras are listened to or

recited for many different purposes, as a means of achieving different

states of consciousness, to create resonance with specific attributes of

divine energy, and to manifest different qualities,from resonating the

chakras to embodying compassion.


I give so much emphasis to the Voice because it is notoriously powerful in

the healing aspect. By creating Harmonics you can regenerate, repattern,

align, and tune the frequencies of the body. The head of the Sufi Order in

the West, Pir Villayat Khan has said:


" The true healing power of sound comes from the chanting of harmonics".


These wondrous yet innate vocal sounds can be a vehicle for accessing the inner

portals, helixes, and grid points within the body-mind that lead us to accelerated healing and 

 expanded human awareness. 

Shift of Frequencies start happening as you either listened to and/or do

them. Jonathan Goldman  in his book "Shifting Frequencies" states:


"Vocal Harmonics can be an extraordinary means of heightening your consciousness. It

changes your brain waves and stimulates portions of your brain that can receive greater

levels of frequency". 


Coming to a Sacred Sound Healing Class is a unique experience as you

totally start to appreciate and love your Voice. The opportunity to be a part

of a group that is creating sounds to regenerate and transform this Planet

and to bring it Light, Love and Peace is mostly refreshing and vital to us all!

To learn techniques on how the sound can be done is important but when

you put your heart and care into the sound and let yourself be inspired by

the Divine, the Change has already started within yourself and around




Jonathan Goldman site for more info on Sacred Sound Healing





                                                    Check this out!!!!! 
The vibration of a cat's purr
can speed up the healing
process not only for cats but
for other animals as well.
Research indicates that even
humans can benefit!









   If you are recovering from an injury, you should hug a purring cat.

Consistent vibrational sound frequencies of 25-150 Hz, which is the

range of a cat’s purr, aid in the healing of bones, tendons, ligaments

                                            and muscles, as well as providing pain relief