Healing with the Heart

Awakening the Power from Within



Once again we traveled up north, to the  Hubbard Lake region, to spend some days at the lovely property of our friend  

 Nancy Christoloveon. The trip was most wonderful, as it was in Fall, when the trees and bushes show us the change


of colors of their leaves! One, more precious than the other, and the ensemble was just extraordinary!!!



Every year we are honored to be invited by Nancy to facilitate a one day Drumming Workshop. We love to assist


people on their paths; people that need a hand to spring forward and start seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel.



When circling and holding hands we start experiencing a sense of community. Even before the spoken word, the


energy start circulating from person to person, in a very loving way. Before the drumming starts we ask everybody to


set their intention and release it into the Universe, and if willing, to share it with the group. This is a very powerful way


as the Universe is Abundant and provides us with everything we desire when coming from the heart.



The drumming beat starts and nothing better than the Heart Beat. It takes us to the womb where all creation begins!


The coziness and aliveness space of perfection where the little embryo is being developed. Just with the heart beat


we can travel in time and feel suspended in an ocean of fluids that nurture us and keep us safe and loved. When


letting go and just BE, much can happen in our bodies (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual). The “secret” is to be


in total trust (yourself and the group) to be able to release what will come on surface… could be in a form of a yell,


laughter, cry, giggle, moaning,…See, the drum is an instrument that is most tribal, very much connected to the element


Earth and the Root Chakra (color red) and the feeling connected with it is survival, stability, security, safety. So the


drum connects us with Mother Earth and helps us to feel grounded and be aware of our physical. The physical body is


crucial to our survival on this Planet, as it stores our Essence and Soul that is Eternal. The more we are connected


with Earth and grounded into her, the better we can fly into the Sky!



Imagine a Tree. Its roots are beautifully grounded in Mother Earth and the branches and leaves go toward the sky,


being able to dance with the wind!



Drumming is a Celebration of Life that gives us vitality, takes us to the core of our being and helps us to get free of


“conditionings and old patterns” that we either have created or were imposed by others, along our lives.


 The drum effect is to shake our system, from the bone structure to the muscles, organs, to the mind patterns, and


balance the nervous system, brain, emotions and to become an open channel to God!




The Circle can start a little bit off as many beginners are new to the rhythms, nevertheless the body is so rhythmic by


nature that doesn’t allow us to do that for a long time. If you get stuck in the thought that you cannot do it, possibly you


will be off all during the workshop! But when letting go of “can’t do” and “impossible” thoughts you will be surprised


how well your body will perform and be happy!



We do basically improvisational drumming. After we teach the key rhythms we take off into the improv.   It is amazing


how people do well! In our circles people are free to dance and be spontaneous, playing not only the drums but other


percussion instruments, like shakes, bells, rain sticks,…



Before we end our Circles we perform a technique called “Under the Drum”. We carry African drums ‘Djembe” and we


drum on people. It is a therapeutic technique where the people who are being drummed are being touched by


everybody’s’ hearts. Everyone is in the healing process as a part of the whole, a part of this community.



When we start drumming we feel the two people under us, their hearts and their intentions that they share with us


previously. Immersed in the field of energy coming from God, the Universe, the Cosmos, we “dance” with our drums,


moving to different chakras that we feel needing to be balanced. Chuck and I and the entire group feel as One, and


that is when healing can happen!



After the session, people share with us the awesome shifts in their beings and the different perception of reality! At


times we have a report of some people saying that the healing was so profound that the following day they noticed that


they rested more hours than the usual and got up more revitalized and lighter.



We thank you Nancy for being on this Planet, ready to help and assist who is in need and make the World a better and


harmonious place to live!



Once again we go home with the feeling that the people who joined us, somehow have got more tools to work with and


able to direct their lives toward a more joyous, peaceful, creative and lighter way to be in Life!



If you would like to experience a Drumming Circle at your place contact us to cristinapavey@wowway.com