Healing with the Heart

Audio Sacred Sound Overtoning

 Creating Healing Overtoning

These are  samples of healing sounds that you can learn in my workshops. When the breathing is nicely controled by doing the Diaphragmatic Breathing (and you will practice in class), you can actually do these techniques. These sounds can take you deep within yourself and when remaining silent right after you practise them, the healing is occuring. 

After you are secure of how the techniques are done and feel very at ease with the breathing, then it's time to let yourself immerse into the Divine Inspiration that comes to you. You let Love come through you and your Intention coming from the heart to be Manifested. First breath from a serene place and set your Intention and as you let the sound go, that Consciousness carrier wave is taking your intention into manifestation.

 http://www.lightenessofbeing.com/HURRR-EEE.mp3 This Overtone is called Hurree (HUURREEE-HURRREEE)

                                           You will use the nasal and oral cavities and move the mouth and tongue

                                   Middle to upper voice

 http://www.lightenessofbeing.com/MMUURR-MMUURR-ME-ME.mp3 This overtone is called MURMUR-ME-ME

                                          Focus on your mouth and nasal cavities and use your lips and tongue

                                          Low to middle voice

http://www.lightenessofbeing.com/NNEEE-YUMM.mp3 This overtone is called NEE-YUM

                                          Focus on your nasal, throat, and oral cavities

                                          Low to middle voice


 http://www.lightenessofbeing.com/OOOO-EEE-OOO-EEE.mp3 This overtone is called OO-EE

                                          Focus on your oral  cavities                                        

                                          Upper voice

 http://www.lightenessofbeing.com/Harmony Invocation3.mp3 This is a Harmony Invocation I called upon my Being and all of those who listen to it. Visualize yourself in a very serene place that you elect as your meditation sanctuary and feel the harmonious energy coming to you through your Crown Chakra and bathe all of your being with Divine White Light.  


Thank you for listening and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or simply want to exchange ideas!

May your Heart vibrate Joy spreading Light onto the Universe! 


 Workshop to be announced in 2011

Sacred Sound Circle December 3rd,2011 (saturday) check on Events page