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To all of those who need assistance,could be of physical nature, mental,emotional or/and

spiritual, please do contact me. Reiki therapy can work at a distance. So, if you just tell me

your name and location and the issue you are going through, could be physical pain, or emotional

distress... please write it down. You can go to the menu and click on Contact me, and there you

have space to write down the info I need. As soon as I get it I will write you back by telling you

the time I will do the session.  You don't need to be in a special place to get it, but if you could

be in a relaxed mode and aware of your body,it would help you greatly. 


If you are in a place that allows you to go through this little meditation, follow its steps.    


Start by taking a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, in a very calm

ing and soothing way, so your body can really go deep into relaxation. When breathing in, bring in

the feeling of serenity, of inner peace, bring in the NOW moment, the Joy, and when breathing

out bring out all of your insecurities, fears, anxieties, toxins, and keep doing it until you realize

that your body is becoming more relaxed and the mind is less active. 

Visualize yourself in your favorite place, (could be the beach or the woods, or simply your

meditation room), a safe place, where you feel nurtured and loved.Then, see this White Light

from Father/Mother God coming to you, entering your body through the top of your head and

spreading healing powers throughout all of your being. Your organs, glands, bones and muscles,

your trillion cells, blood, arteries and veins are receiving the Grace and Healing from the

Source.  You let yourself go and allow this Light to cleanse your being and invigorating it and 

rejuvenating it.  Focus now on your issue and send green light to the area where you feel the pain

or discomfort, or to the situation in your life that needs to be healed. And stay with that

intention of healing and seeing yourself doing things that you want to do. Reeinforce the

visualization of being perfect and perform activities you want to do, and manifest your


Remember that this time is your time... your time to be with yourself and listen, listen

to  yourself  to the deepest of your being. Talk to your body... ask it questions and listen to its

answers. The  body is intelligent and needs to be nurtured and loved and to be listened to! In

what way you are  going to listen to it, you may wonder...? it could be revealed in many ways and

shapes... a simple word coming to you, a better awareness as to waht the best food to eat , an

image...   ;

When sending a message of love to that particular area or areas together with your touch, telling

your body how much you appreciate it, can be so healing and appeasing. 


 When the Reiki session ends, make sure you drink plenty of water so it can flush  the toxins

out of your body. Give yourself at least 5m to ground yourself and to feel alert as you are

coming out of total relaxation. Then a little while after the session, you will see how this

treatment has given you energy and a sensation of lghtness and highlighted your spirits!


I will keep sending you Reiki for one week. Then if you would like to receive more, please fill out

the form again. And because it is always so good to know if your condition got better, do send

me some words of how you are feeling! Thank you!







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