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This is the Gallery where you can see some of the pictures taken during two different Sacred Sound Healing Workshop. Enjoy!




  This SSH Workshop took place at the Wellness Center (part of the Henry Ford Hospital, MI). October 2009

The following four pictures show an exercise using the Sacred Vowels on the different chakras.















 In these two pictures the students are performing an exercise called Group Toning, in which the person in the middle is receiving healing through Sound. Before the session starts  the receiver sets her intention as an affirmation, a color and a chakra. Then the senders will have that intention in mind as they Tone and Chant, as Sound is a Consciousness Carrier Wave - Frequency + Intention= Healing




 Cristina giving her SSH workshop in Richmond,MI, at the Professional Massage Service, on November 2009.  The next two pictures is Cristina and Chuck playing the African drums "Djembe" and using Sound at the same time , together with students.











 My first Sacred Sound Circle in January 2010, where 14 Souls were a part of it! It was great Fun and Healing!

Come and join us once a month. Go to Events and check the date of our next Circle. 



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