Healing with the Heart





The Healing Power of Voice 


The Divine Name (the Sound That Can Change the World)


 My intention when doing this workshop is to bring forward the

 Awareness that is needed to recognize the Divine in each and

 everyone. The Sacred Sound is a vehicle of great

Transformation in our beings, and right now the Planet Earth

needs all of us to contribute to a greater Consciousness to

spread Light, Love and Peace.


Sound through Voice is amazingly powerful and healing to the

 Body, Spirit, Mind and Soul. Edgar Cayce (great 20th century

 prophet) said, one day, that Sound was going to be the

Medicine of the Future. And when attending this workshop you

 will witness how the techniques you are going to learn bring

 to you a unique form of Self Transformation and Self Healing.

This workshop features:


Meditation with Crystal Bowl


Singing your name as a Mantra


Introduction to Sound (The Seven Secrets of Sound  

Healing according to Jonathan Goldman)


Human Voice (frequency + Intention= Healing, and

Visualization+ Vocalization= Manifestation)


 Experiencing different instruments and being aware of its effects on your energy centers


 Vocalization Preparation:


  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • The Resonant Breathing

Releasing sounds exercise / Humming


How to Sound your Chakras (Sacred Vowels as Mantras) / Healing in small groups


 Chanting and toning each others Vibration


The four Vowels of The Divine Name/ Sounding the Divine

Name (practice)


The Divine Name as a Prayer


How to start your own Sacred Sound Circle


    Wear comfortable clothes

    No musical background required

   Get ready to free yourself and have Fun too!


Date -  to be announced soon


Cost -


Location - 


 As space is limited, early registration is suggested


Registration Form


contact Cristina to her cell phone 586 260 5112


e-mail  paveycristina7@gmail.com







 Calendar for 2016
Reiki Level I - February 20th saturday 10am - 2pm
Reiki Level I - March 19th saturday 10 am - 2 pm
Reiki Level I - April 23 rd saturday   10 am - 2 pm
Reiki Level II - TBA
Reiki Level III - TBA
Reiki I CertificationThis degree is a permanent attunement to the Reiki ray.  Once
initiated, it allows a person to channel Reiki energy for healing oneself and others.  It
requires no special invocation or alteration of the thinking process to “Turn On” the flow of
Reiki.  By simply placing hands on and opening the heart to love, one automatically brings in
the energy.

 The first degree is the foundation of all three degrees, and must first be mastered

thoroughly before the person is considered for the next degree.

Cost - $100
Reiki II CertificationThe Second degree requires further initiations for attunement to the
keys utilized in this level. The student is trained to use appropriate Second degree keys
(symbols) which provide an increase of power from the Reiki ray for absent healing and
mental and emotional healing. 
Cost - $200
Reiki Master/TeacherThis degree designation is the level of Reiki Master, a Teacher of
 The student is attuned to the full Reiki ray, and for those guided, the path of the teacher
begins to unfold. 
Cost - $300
Location - 18822 Monica dr,
                   Clinton twp,MI 48036 
Book used for Class 
"Essential Reiki" by Diane Stein
you can purchase it from Amazon.com
I offer scholarships for those who are willing to learn Reiki and don't have the means to pay for it. Please let me know in advance what is your situation so we can come up with an agreement. Like Diane Stein says:
 "We need to carry on the teaching of Reiki, preserving effective methods so that they can no longer be lost, and at the same time, putting Reiki within reach of any who want to learn it.
 Reiki is love, and in this time of planetary crisis, we all need all the love we can get."
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Cristina and Reiki 
Call Cristina for more information - 586 260 5112 











                                       THE HEALING POWER OF VOICE







Detroit area, Clinton twp




We will start embracing the New Year 2017 with our Circles and

Workshops of Sacred Sound!

Chuck and I are so Happy and Enthusiastic about the New Ways of

Creating our Lives! As a Community it will be so much effortless to

bring forth our Passion, Strength, Innocence and Spontaneity, to

Balance and Nurture our Inner Child, to Support one another, to

rediscover the Bliss of Trusting again in OURSELVES and in our

Dreams and to feel Empowered from within!


Sacred Sound can be the Tool to open up our Channels of Energy

within ourselves. It can enhance Wellness to all of our Beings, Body,

Mind, Emotional, Spiritual, and Soul. As we are all Vibratory

Beings and belonging to the same Source of Light, Love and

continuous Vibration, we can heal as we see ourselves part of the

Oneness and Cosmos.


In this Circle we will bring forth our Voices (the most powerful

Instrument God has given us!) Drums, Flutes, Percussion

instruments, Dancing! 


The more we are Aware and Conscious of who we are and the

difference we all make to a better World, the more we rise our

frequencies and renew ourselves with Mother Earth!

Join us in these gatherings of Healing and Fun and where you can

meet like minded people and simply Be!



Dates for 2017  

Every Saturday of each month except July and August   

 feb - 27th

march - 26th
april - 30th
may - 28th
june - 25th
july - summer holiday
august -summer holiday
september - 17th
october - 29th
november - 26th
december - 10th 

 email: paveycristina7@gmail.com


         cell phone 1-586-260-5112



Musical Heart




In Light, Love and Sound





 by Cristina Pavey