Healing with the Heart

About Me







 I am originally from Portugal and have been residing in the USA since 1999,

in Michigan.

I did my main studies in my homeland and worked as a Tour Guide for 12

years. Traveling has always fascinated me,… it has a great impact on me

every time I go to a different place! The desire to meet with new people and

to know different cultures and to learn from them always has been a part

of me.


 After sometime of working in Tourism activity I felt the desire to help people in the Health

field. I studied Chinese Medicine for 3 years and in parallel I took Reiki classes. Already in the

USA I became a Certified Reflexologist and Sound Therapy Healer.

It is very gratifying to me to be of Service to others. Tourism was my first job interrelating

with people from different cultures, which gave me such an authentic approach to Human nature.

When changing career the experience that I had had before gave me such a good preparation to

embrace this other one as far as my dedication and openness of heart toward people in general.


Besides Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Sound Therapy and Intuitive Painting I play

the African Drums. My husband Chuck taught me how to drum for the first time, 9 years ago and

ever since then we have been playing together. We play the drums as a Therapeutic form. It

consists on drumming people under the drum and as we drum, the strong beat vibrations will open

the blockages that are obstructing the chakras ( energetic vortex in our aura bodies) or/and

meridians (paths of energy in the body - Chinese medicine term) . 


Sound has a very strong impact on our Beings and can be a wonderful and powerful tool for

Healing as well. Again, my husband Chuck gave me my first teachings on Toning (Sacred Sound)

and I have been practicing toning and intuitive Chants ever since, along with the drumming. I had

the pleasure to study with Jonathan Goldman in July  2007 by attending his “Sacred Sound”

Intense workshop. I am always thrilled to learn more so I can be of more assistance to

those who need guidance to their spiritual awakening and overall Wellness.

Sacred Sound is a part of my Paintings as well. When finishing a painting in a meditation

space, I can channel the feelings imprinted on the canvas in a form of Chant. This will

help the person when meditating looking at the painting where there is represented a part

of her/his vibration and essence together with the sound.


My interest to be a part of Community is so strong that I offered my services to Henry

Ford Hospital (old St Joe's) in 2007, in Michigan at the Cancer Center,doing Reiki as

volunteer. I am very happy to know that Hospitals all over the World have been

so receptive in having  Complementary  Medicine in their facilities!

The patient's response to Complimentary Medicine has been so positive that the creation

of new possibilities in the Health Field is already giving its first steps to a better Future,

where people can choose the best way to improve their Healing process! 




Listen to your heart and love yourself intensely as it will be easier to accept who you are and be in Harmony with everything around you!